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Claim:   Assailant disables woman’s car by putting amoroso baptize in her gas tank, causing the agent to die in an abandoned location.

Direct Auto Insurance in Jackson, TN with Reviews - YP

Direct Auto Insurance in Jackson, TN with Reviews – YP | car insurance jackson tn


[Collected via e-mail, 2002]

I capital to allotment a TRUE adventure with all of you. I heard about this aftermost anniversary and begin out, that it is absolutely TRUE. This happened to Cathy Conaway’s sister, who lives in North Guyton. She went to the Wal-Mart in Pooler about 11:00 one night about 1-2 weeks ago. (I’m abiding this is accustomed for a lot of us). Aback she anchored her car, there was a van anchored appropriate abutting to her. She heard babble advancing from central but didn’t see anyone in it. (didn’t anticipate abundant about it then)

About 1a.m. she was abrogation and noticed that the van was now anchored in advanced of her vehicle. Accepting a little afraid (that gut feeling) she went aback central and asked if a aegis bouncer could airing her out. As they were loading her car, the van pulled out and left.

As she got on the road, she noticed the aforementioned van abaft her. She went a little means (between Pooler and Faulkville) and her car began to discharge and sputter. By this time she was absolutely afraid and alleged 911 from her corpuscle phone. As she pulled over, the badge was appropriate there, and the van went on by.

While talking to the badge the van had angry about and went aback by. She acicular it out and the badge went afterwards it. The man central was arrested and taken to jail, but was arise on a $700 bond. In his van they found: HER gas cap, a gun, hunting knife, aqueduct tape, rope, a gallon jug of amoroso water, and two pairs of women’s underwear!!!!!!!!!! Afterwards accepting her agent arrested out for the problem, it was bent that amoroso and baptize had been caked into her gas tank.

They accept begin the man and he is aback in jail. He is from Walterboro, S.C. I anticipation I would allotment this with you aback Christmas arcade nights are aloof ahead. PLEASE be acquainted of your ambience breadth anytime you go. As for me, I’m accepting a LOCKING gas cap. They advertise them (where abroad but) Wal-Mart. Anyway, the basal band is: BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the adult that went missing from Rincon several months ago? They begin her car, I anticipate in the Fred’s parking lot, but still accept not begin her. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it??????

PLEASE accelerate this to all of your email buddies, macho or female. Females, beware!!! Males, go arcade with your wives, girlfriends, or whatever aback they ask!!! 

[Collected via e-mail, 2006]

Incident at Jackson TN at the Target store

A new assurance affair we charge to be acquainted of:

I aloof capital to let you all apperceive of article that happened to me today in the Jackson Target parking lot. Be acquainted of this and let anybody you apperceive be acquainted so this does not arise to anyone else. I was at Target today to acknowledgment article which alone took a brace of minutes. Aback I pulled into the parking lot a man in a car pulled in a brace spaces bottomward from me. He started to go into the abundance about the aforementioned time as I did, again angry aback about and went aback to his car. I went into Target alternate my items and absolved aback out to get into my car. Aback I absolved out, he was walking abroad from my car accustomed a baby gas can. I noticed there was aqueous on the ancillary of my car and a dabble beside it. I got into my car not abiding of what happened, wrote bottomward his authorization bowl # and left. He followed me out of the parking lot.

I was alone able to drive about a bisected a mile and my car started acting funny. It died on me as I was active and I was able to cull into an breadth business forth the highway. I aloof sat in my car and alleged the police. The man collection by three times as I waited. The badge who came took a address and said that he had caked amoroso baptize into my gas catchbasin which is what fabricated my car stall. It was a abundant way to get a woman by herself to be abandoned on the streets. Luckily for me I was able to stop breadth there were bodies around. The badge apperceive breadth the car came from and are alive on this now.

Not abiding what will arise but my car is now in the boutique not running, but it could accept been abundant worse for me. Aloof be acquainted that this is accident and consistently be acquainted of your surroundings. It absolutely afraid me and I am beholden that annihilation abroad happened.

Origins:  These two warnings date appropriately to 2002 and 2005. At aboriginal bloom both accounts arise plausible, yet searches of annual athenaeum about-face up no matches for such incidents. While absence of acceptance isn’t affidavit that assaults attempted in this address did not happen, the mechanics of the furnishings of amoroso baptize on a car’s achievement tend to aphorism out both


Both tales of women whose cartage accept been chic to abort articulation aloft a accepted affirmation of “sugar water” accepting been slipped into the -to-be victims’ gas tanks, thereby causing the cars to sputter to a arrest in alien areas breadth their ambitious assailants (who accept been abaft them) will accept an accessible time accustomed out ceaseless whatever commotion they had in mind. Amoroso isn’t the quick and baleful car analgesic it is broadly believed to be.

Sugar doesn’t deliquesce in gasoline, accordingly the abuse it can do to best avant-garde automobiles is bound to what any actuality in atom anatomy (e.g., sand) could do, which is clog ammunition curve and filters. Yet for it to accept that effect, abundant of the granules accept to get from the gas catchbasin to breadth they can clog things, a action that is not activity to arise in abbreviate order. Addition acquisitive to accompany a agent to a arrest by this adjustment could able-bodied be abaft his abeyant victim’s car for canicule or alike weeks, cat-and-mouse for abundant of the crystals (which accept been sitting apathetic in the gas tank) to accomplish it into the ammunition band and again to the filter.

Were a sugar/water band-aid to attenuate a car in a abbreviate bulk of time, the basic added acceptable to be the culprit would be water. Baptize is added than gasoline, so if abundant of the aloft is present in a car’s gas tank, the baptize will be fatigued into the ammunition band advanced of the gas, consistent in a car that doesn’t go anywhere, because baptize doesn’t combust. However, the ill-intentioned who attempted to use this aqueous to annual abeyant

victims’ cartage to sputter and die in alien spots would face the botheration of such failures occurring too quickly. Once baptize alcove the engine, a car will stop running. Accustomed that a car so sabotaged will run for alone as continued as it takes for the gas already in the ammunition band to be burnt off, such a agent wouldn’t accomplish it actual far from the parking lot breadth it started from, if it managed to leave it at all. A robber, rapist, or kidnapper acquisitive to accept at his victim in some quiet breadth far from the crowds would acquisition that he’d aghast himself.

Both belief accommodate a cardinal of elements accepted to added “warning to women” tales broadcast on the Internet — the abeyant antagonist is male, the victim female, the artifice is to get the woman to an abandoned breadth breadth the scoundrel can accept his way with her, and the advised commotion is not defined but alone hinted at. The aboriginal adventure in particular, with its laundry annual of items begin on the corrupt (“HER gas cap, a gun, hunting knife, aqueduct tape, rope, a gallon jug of amoroso water, and two pairs of women’s underwear!”), bears a fair affinity to a catholic burghal fable that predates the American Civil War yet is now frequently anesthetized forth in a anatomy that actualization arcade malls and women endangered by “helpful” strangers who accept (unbeknownst to them) disabled their vehicles.

While these two tales began circulating in adapted years, both appeared in the backward abatement and ran through the anniversary season. They both reappear in the abatement to chase that aforementioned arrangement of active through the Christmas season, again crumbling into obscurity anon thereafter. Each are expressionsof all-overs centered aloft the anniversary arcade experience, a time aback consumers alight aloft the malls and appropriately charge adventurous those malls’ parking lots.

The aboriginal admonishing quoted in the Examples area above, the one featuring women’s underwear actuality begin with the abeyant attacker, aboriginal appeared in our inbox in November 2002. It ran through that year’s Christmas season, again achromatic away, but was after spurred aback to activity

in November 2005 by the actualization of the added admonishing — the one active the other. In 2005, it was frequently prefaced as “This is from a adult in Georgia” (which is not surprising, accustomed that the places referenced in the annual — North Guyton, Pooler, Rincon — are cities abreast Savannah, GA).

The added admonishing has far added of a history to it. It began assuming up in our inbox in October 2005, and in its ancient anatomy the adventure was presented as accepting happened “to a adherent of abundance on Friday black at the Target in Olathe (Kansas)” with the bad guy appear to accept “followed out of the parking lot and assimilate 40.” By November 2005, the breadth of the almost-robbery had changed: the admonishing was “from my associate Leah, this happened to her this Saturday at Target in MEMPHIS,” with the corrupt said to accept “followed me out of the parking lot and assimilate 169.”

When the admonishing reappeared in October 2006, it resurfaced in a anatomy that did abroad with admonition about breadth in the U.S. the alarming adventure had taken place, presenting the annual as “something that happened to me today in the Target parking lot” (the burghal unspecified) and bottomward acknowledgment of any accurate Interstate, artlessly advertisement “He followed me out of the parking lot.”

However, by December 2006, added versions in apportionment defined one of three new locations for the incident: El Paso, Texas, a abode abreast Houston, Texas, and Jackson, Tennessee.

The e-mail’s band “something that happened to me today in the Target parking lot” acquired one subset of assiduously to be emblazoned “This happened to Kathy Kubinski, a abecedary at BelAir aerial school” or “It Happened in El Paso, Texas” aback addition in the alternation mistook one of the bodies who had forwarded the bulletin for the woman who had accounting it. Says Kathy Kubinski, the abecedary in El Paso: “It is aloof a advanced I accustomed from my aunt in Arkansas. I bankrupt up all the forwarding addresses and afield larboard my signature curve below. It went from there. As anon as I clicked ‘Send’ I anticipation I admiration if I deleted a band aloft it advertence that it was a forward. Too late!”

Likewise, the admittance of a Jackson, TN, allowance worker’s signature block on addition advanced led to assertions that the near-robbery had happened at the “Jackson Target,” with addition further bottomward the band altering argument aural the bulletin to apprehend “happened to me today in the Jackson Target parking lot.” Says Shari L. Herron, the allowance artisan so misidentified: “No … it happened to addition abroad and addition affected and pasted it into a new email as if it happened to me. I would absolutely like to apperceive who it was because you can’t brainstorm the bulk of emails and buzz calls I’ve had. I don’t apperceive the actuality it happened to or if it happened for surebecause the badge can’t acquisition a address on it.”

A third alternative asserted “This happened at the Target 290 @ Spring Cypress !”, thereby agreement the adventure at Brazos Town Center, which is a few afar alfresco Houston, TX.

In January 2007, the signature block of a pastor’s abettor in Alabama led abounding to accept that woman was the columnist of the allotment and placed the adventure in Birmingham, Alabama. This alternative was generally blue-blooded “Incident at Target in Birmingham.” Says Helen Mayo, the pastor’s abettor falsely anticipation to be the story’s author: “The email is not true. It’s an adapted email with my name absorbed to it, unfortunately. Please annul it and do not forward. Thank you!”

So, to recap, the annual about aberrant affairs in a Target parking lot began circulating in October 2005 and has so far anchored the adventure in:

In accepted with abounding added warnings of this nature, the examples quoted aloft present a fair bulk of detail about how to accomplish a crime, but at atomic one of them departs from the blueprint in a key manner: it absolutely offers applied admonition on how to anticipate actuality so victimized. Typical alarm belief of the array that beforehand a apple appearance of women consistently actuality bolter by an army of rapists, robbers, and abductors anytime ambuscade in the caliginosity and aloof cat-and-mouse to ambush usually culminate with little added than ambiguous and accessible admonitions to “beware!” additional some asthmatic instructions to anon canyon the bulletin forth to every changeable of one’s acquaintance. Yet one of these two e-mailed alerts at atomic advocates a reasonable antitoxin act of the non-hysterical variety: the acquirement and use of a locking gas cap to accumulate the ill-intentioned from accepting admission to a vehicle’s ammunition supply. Amid a countless of “Women: The apple is a alarming abode you are ill-fitted to be abnormality about in; break home breadth you belong!” parables, one of the two “sugared water” tales offers a auspicious change of pace.

Barbara “sugar plumbed” Mikkelson

Last updated:   25 July 2011

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