Civil Aviation Safety Regulations - CASR

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations - CASR

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations - CASR

Safety Standards

Safe Flights use registered and certificated aircraft maintained by a qualified person flown by a qualified person in airspace controlled by a qualified person.

CASR Regulatory Structure by Part
Administrative Matters

Part 1     - Preliminary
Part 11   - Regulatory administrative procedures
Part 13   - Enforcement procedures
Part 200 - Aircraft to which CASR do not apply
Part 201 - Miscellaneous
Part 202 - Transitional
Definition & Abbreviation

Certification / Airworthiness

Part 21 - Certification and airworthiness requirements for aircraft and parts
Part 22 - Airworthiness standards for sailplanes and powered sailplanes
Part 23 - Airworthiness standards for aeroplanes in the normal, utility, acrobatic
                Or commuter category
Part 25 - Airworthiness standards for aeroplanes in the transport category
Part 26 - Airworthiness standards for aircraft in the primary category or intermediate category
Part 27 - Airworthiness standards for rotorcraft in the normal category
Part 29 - Airworthiness standards for rotorcraft in the transport category
Part 31 - Airworthiness standards for manned free balloons
Part 32 - Airworthiness standards for engines for very light aeroplanes
Part 33 - Airworthiness standards for aircraft engines
Part 35 - Airworthiness standards for aircraft propellers
Part 39 - Airworthiness directives
Part 90 - Additional airworthiness requirements

Aircraft Registration

Part 45 - Display of nationality and registration marks
                And aircraft registration identification plates
Part 47 - Registration of aircraft and related matters

Continuing Airworthiness

Part 42   - Continuing airworthiness requirements for aircraft and aeronautical products
Part 145 - Continuing airworthiness - Part 145 approved maintenance organisations

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Licensing

Part 66   - Continuing airworthiness - aircraft engineer licences and ratings
Part 147 - Continuing airworthiness - maintenance training organisations

Flight Operations

Part 60   - Synthetic training devices
Part 91   - General operating and flight rules*
Part 92   - Consignment and carriage of dangerous goods by air
Part 101 - Unmanned aircraft and rockets
Part 103 - Sport and recreational aviation operations*
Part 105 - Sport and recreational parachuting from aircraft*
Part 115 - Commercial sport and recreational aviation operations*
Part 119 - Air transport operators - certification and management*
Part 121 - Commercial air transport operations (aeroplanes)*
Part 129 - Foreign air transport operators - certification and operating requirements
Part 131 - Manned free balloons*
Part 132 - Limited category aircraft
Part 133 - Air transport operations - rotorcraft*
Part 135 - Air transport operations - small aeroplanes*
Part 137 - Aerial application operations
Part 138 - Aerial work operations*
Part 149 - Approved self-administering organisations*

Flight Crew Licensing

Part 61   - Flight crew licensing
Part 64   - Authorisations for non-licensed personnel
Part 67   - Medical
Part 141 - Recreational, private and commercial pilot flight training,
                  Other than certain integrated training courses
Part 142 - Integrated and multi-crew pilot flight training,
                  Contracted recurrent training and contracted checking

Air Traffic Management Systems

Part 139 - Aerodromes
Part 171 - Aeronautical telecommunications service and radionavigation service providers
Part 172 - Air Traffic Service Providers
Part 173 - Instrument flight procedure design
Part 175 - Aeronautical information management

Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Licensing

Part 65   - Air traffic services licensing
Part 67   - Medical
Part 143 - Air Traffic Services Training Providers


Part 99   - Drug and alcohol management plans and testing
Part 117 - Representations and surveys

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